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Our People



Artist, Businesswoman, Haberdasher

Founder, Owner, President, King, Queen

Growing up in Naples, FL, Kelly has always been surrounded by bright colors and fancy people. Sometime in her 20s, gushing over Kaffe Fasset books became a daily activity until she finally borrowed a friend’s old machine, took over a tiny pool house, and made her first quilt out of blue and white striped men’s shirts. That’s how she first discovered her love of sewing (and her love of men’s shirts, but that wasn’t actually new!).

Kelly moved to Eugene, OR in October 2009 and began volunteering at MECCA (Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts) where she discovered a plethora of inspiration. Already having an affinity towards the scrappy, Kelly’s craft blossomed into a growing business with the influx of exciting vintage fabrics and other materials.

When the universe kicked her butt out of pursuing therapy as a career, she decided she was allowed to try to make stuff for a living and be happy. One happier person makes a difference in the world and she needed to start with herself. 

Like any perfectly timely creative discovery, she happened upon an idea for making bow ties in September of 2011. Everything clicked, and she found bow ties to be the perfect expression of her creativity, as they wonderfully highlight joyous pieces of fabric, give a lot of opportunities for self-expression, and bring playfulness to formal wear. 

Kelly designs and makes all of our bow ties, suspenders, and other products in her home studio in Eugene, OR. 

Her favorite thing about sewing is the fact that you don’t HAVE to clean up at the end of the day (She would waste lots of money on dried brushes if she was a painter). Often the floor is littered with threads and she LOVES vacuuming them all up with her Dyson. (Not a sponsor,  but she will seriously infomercial this vacuum for you if you ask).

She loves business stuff, tools, small manufacturing processes, sewing, fashion, outfit creations, and playing dress up. While she loves wearing bow ties and suspenders, her daily uniform consists of Revivall Overalls and a bandana, preferably one that matches with Milo (see below). 

(You guys, she’s also really silly. Like really silly.) 



Chief Fun Officer

Milo is a dog. The best dog, in fact, and an important part of the operations around here, so he must be included. 

He is a mixed up magical dog (12.5% each of corgi, Aussie cattle dog, Swiss shepherd, border collie, miniature schnauzer, and lab, plus some more random breeds.) He came from Stumptown Pet Rescue, an amazing small (one-person) rescue in Portland, OR that saved him from a kill shelter in New Mexico. 

He gives us really silly looks (check out that side eye!) and makes us laugh all day. He also provides excellent ‘cuddle the dog on the floor’ time as well as walk breaks, which are very important for a creative environment. 

Milo is a stellar model (when he wants to be). The paper backdrop, lights, and camera set up makes him a little wild, but he’s also just a natural, all the time dropping poses kind of dog. 


Our amazing models are our people too!
They are real life, awesome folks (& dogs).
You can find out more about them over here on the Model page.