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We LOVE our models. 

Of course we do! That’s why they’re our models. Our models are real people that are either our friends, our customers (who have become friends, of course), or awesome folks we have internet crushes on (who have also become friends!).  

At durian & the Lyon, we love celebrating everyone’s fun, fancy personalities, and our models are some of the neatest people we know. We would love for you to meet them here and maybe go check out some of the cool things they do.

All photos are by Addie Mannan Photography.

Do you want to be a model?!
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Gabe Schliffer

I’m a hard working bread baker with a passion for music. Currently the band leader for Gabe Schlifer and Sugar Pine String Band, and brand new dad!

Nadia Krystina

Queer, andro-femme who loves working with her hands. Previous life as a drummer/recording engineer, but has now shifted to carpentry and woodworking. In love with dressing in dapper fashion AND crop tops- constantly trying to gender f*ck society. Grateful for my queer fam as we support each other in growth and love in a country that is constantly oppressing us.
Pink Paddle or Batwing Bowtie

Titus Leo

Navy Paddle or Batwing Bow Tie

Aneesah Rasheed

Arden Remy

Nick Cervantes

Kyle McGonegle

Kyle & Liat make up the Gossamer Strings, a lyrical old-timey duo in Eugene, Oregon, featuring tight harmonies and strong instrumentation melded into a unique and intimate experience. Kyle is also a luthier with his own business, McGonegle Mandolins.

Liat Lis

In addition to being half of the Gossamer Strings, Liat is lingerie designer and seamstress at her own business, Tova Lis Lingerie. Previously, she worked in the D&L production department making bowties and suspenders. Kyle & Liat both offer instrument lessons!!

Abi, Zurie & Cupid