Bowtie Shapes


There are many bowtie shapes and styles out there and most bowtie companies have their own versions. Even in the classic shapes, there can be just slight variations in ratios, curves, and sizes. 

We have worked hard on designing our own special patterns of the traditional shapes. (We used math! It does come in handy kids!) 

If you’ve explored our shop, you may have noticed the different shapes. Maybe you came here because you were curious what they all mean. 

Why have different shapes?
Which one should you wear? 


The answer is really personal preference & style. Each shape has a different vibe and signifies a slightly different style. You’re already wearing a bowtie, which is saying something. The shape is like choosing a font style; bold, italics, color or what have you.  


This is the most classic, traditional shape and the one you most likely think of first when thinking about bowties. Our Butterfly is the biggest, bow option at 3” by 5” when tied. We do line all of bowties with interfacing that helps it keep its shape so the bow is perky or slightly stiff rather than floppy. 


Our arrow bowtie (traditionally called a diamond-point bowtie) is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something a little bit different. Fun, fancy, and asymmetrical, arrow bowties look amazing paired with suspenders. With a more delicate, whimsical shape, arrow bowties work well on smaller frames, making them a popular choice with women and smaller people. They do look great on everyone, though! Tied bow measures 4” by 2”. 


The Paddle bowtie, also called the batwing bowtie, is the bowtie equivalent of a skinny tie. Vintage-inspired, it has a slimmer, old-time feel and is the most serious of our bowtie shapes. The tied bow is 4” by 2”, but the width of the bow can be slightly adjusted to be shorter or longer depending on how you tie it. 


The most feminine of our bowties, the Western bowtie looks the most like a bow. Delicate enough to pair with a skirt or dress, it looks great as part of a sweet, girly style. Slim and versatile, the Western bow also works well for a more androgynous or masculine 1920s-inspired look. 

The Western bow tie will fit neck sizes of 13” to 20”. This bowtie has a width of 1”, and the size of the bow can be adjusted to be larger or smaller, depending on how you tie it.


You do not HAVE to tie this bowtie, but you CAN. It will arrive tied in a 3” by 5” bow. There is a hook and loop enclosure on the neck strap so you can put it on and take it off without untying it. When you feel ready or want to learn, you can untie it and give it a go. This pre-tied bowtie saves time and gets you the look without the work!

Fits most adults, accommodating neck sizes of 14” to 22”. For a smaller option, check out our pre-tied kids’ bowties.

The default pre-tied bowtie is made in our classic butterfly shape. We don’t keep the paddle and arrow bowtie shapes in stock in pre-tied versions; however, you can add a note in your order to request a pre-tied paddle or arrow bowtie. Feel free to reach out to us with questions!