d&L + RBI Artisnal Face Mask

Artisan Mask Project

Kelly Durian (durian and the Lyon) and Regan Billingsley (Regan Billingsley Interiors) have both founded their businesses on similar missions. 

We believe in using our businesses to do good.

That’s why we designed and created a beautiful, ethical, handmade mask for you.

We are excited to present you with this fun, collaborative project that has come out of both our quarantine situations. 

In addition to running our regular businesses, we saw an opportunity to pull together our resources and skills to help those that need it during this time.


Since March, Kelly and her team have been making masks, producing over 2000 to date. 

When Regan reached out about donating fabric,  they shared excitement over beautiful textiles, and  Kelly saw the opportunity to create something unique, ethical, and useful. 

Kelly has been making bow ties and suspenders for over 10 years. The skills used in making haberdashery items has directly translated to making quality, comfortable masks.

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Through Regan’s residential interior design work, she has made a name as a textile aficionado . Drawn to Guatemala for their rich history of textile weaving, she has recently collaborated with weavers to develop a collection of artisanal home handmade home goods that she will be launching later this year. 


With the purchase of this mask, you are empowering artisans in the rural Highlands of Guatemala to earn a fair wage, invest in the health and education of their families, and maintain the roots of their traditional craft techniques.

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While designing these masks, Kelly took every detail into consideration. 

The shape allows for comfort, style, and breathability while keeping you safe.
Mendocino hemp lining creates a natural, soft feel against your face. 

Adjustable cotton cording with a metal toggle that fits comfortably around your head and neck, relieving pressure on your ears.

Ironed on poly interfacing per CDC guidelines, also helps with integrity and durability of the mask. 

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Shop the Collection!

For every mask sold, 2 masks are donated to non-profit organizations providing meals to those in need. 

Here’s where we’ve donated so far:

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For every mask you purchase, two will be donated to the volunteers at Food & Friends, a Washington, DC based organization that delivers over 1 million meals per year to individuals and families who are homebound due to HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and other serious illness.


Up Next: Harry Chapin Food Bank, Naples, FL

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