Magic Jacket Gifting

I am gifting a jacket a month to someone in critical care; illness, depression,  cancer treatments, long hospital stays, or end-of-life care.

Since I started making Sunset Jackets, I have heard about the many lovely ways you wear them. Something that comes up a lot is the comfort and beauty they bring to those uncomfortable times.

I have a few dear ones receiving cancer treatments and hospice care. Their sunset jackets are among the things they have asked for and feel good wearing. Not only are they comfortable and cozy, they are also beautiful and facilitate smiles and compliments. It’s a little thing to uplift the energy. 

I want to offer this to you and your loved ones.

I see so many ‘gofundmes’ and the like and I’m simply not financially capable of keeping up with it. (And it makes me sad/angry about our healthcare system. But that’s another story, right?)

I can’t do much, but what I can do is offer a beautiful comfort jacket and send it with blessings and magic. I have gifted some already,  prayed over them and sent them off to take care of people. (To be honest, all your jackets come with love and blessings.) 

How are we going to do this?

I don’t really know. 

I don’t know what to expect for requests, but the best way to find out is to start. 

I do not plan on sharing who I send them to. Submitting someone to receive a jacket can be totally private. You (or they) can share on your end and can tell me to share, but I won’t be sharing unless asked. 

Please reach out if you have seen something similar and have thoughts on how to organize this. 

And start by emailing or messaging me about someone who needs a jacket.

(If you can afford it, buy your hospital friend a jacket. They will love it.)

Love, Kelly