The Classic Line

The Classic Line. Featuring 7 colors of textured, woven cotton linen blends, these fabrics are excellent foundation pieces to build fun, fancy outfits around. Our line gives options to match almost any suit.
Indigo Linen
A gray blue cotton linen blend. This fabric is very versatile, matching many different suits and shirts.
Gray Linen
A light gray cotton linen blend, textured weave with gray and white fibers.
Tan Linen
tan and white woven fibers in this cotton linen blend make a versatile, earth toned, neutral base to build a lovely outfit around.
Pink Linen
A sweet pop of color, this light pink and white woven cotton linen blend matches a surprising amount of suits and shirts.
Olive Linen
A tan and green woven cotton linen blend, this fabric is a chameleon. It looks more green when paired with darker tones while appearing tan or brown with lighter colors.
Black Linen
Called black (and not gray) because this fabric has black and white fibers woven to create a textured look. The look of this fabric from afar is more charcoal gray and the black fibers make it an easy match to a black suit.
Espresso Linen
One of our house favorites (we love coffee!), this cotton linen blend is a textured weave of black and brown fibers, which make it an easy match to both black and brown suits. It is a lovely, strong earth tone that serves as an excellent base for many colors and patterns.