About Pre-Tied Bowties

Pre-tied bowties are great when you want quick and easy style.

Here’s the thing, many folks will tell you that you MUST tie your own bowtie. However, around here, we don’t think so. OF COURSE, we think its super fun and cool to tie them and will happily teach you how. However, there are cases where its simply not a realistic option to tie the bow. Maybe you can’t tie it due to physical or other limitations. Or it’s your wedding day and you have other things to do. Or you just don’t want to. Whatevs.

We would rather you just wear the bowtie, dangit.

It’s always a bit sad when I hear people say they were going to wear a bowtie but spent too long trying to tie it, gave up, and went without.

Espresso Linen Butterfly Bowtie

Pre-tied bowties are a great option for
weddings or gifts
if you aren’t sure if the wearers know how to tie bowties.

So, here is the D&L 
pre-tied bowtie:

(looks like a regular bowtie, right?!?!)
it is.

The difference with this bowtie and the tie-yourself version is that this one will arrive already tied.  You do not have to untie it to put it on or take it off. 

Olive Linen Butterfly Bowtie

Tell me all about it!

 The bowtie features a hook and loop clip on the back so you can just pop it on, fold your collar down, and the clip is hidden.

The neck strap is adjustable to fit a range of sizes from 14” to 20”. Larger neck sizes can be accommodated, just ask! It adjusts with a metal slider much like the tie-yourself bowties.

Black Linen Butterfly Bowtie
Here’s the fun part:

You CAN untie it if you want to!

When you are ready, this is a fun intro bowtie to the world of tying your own bowtie. It also achieves the tied look without actually having to tie it. Deception! (The good kind!) We have a video and instructions for tying your bowtie for when the time comes. 

This does mean that your bowtie might need a little wiggling and finagling while wearing to keep it looking fresh & perky.
(A tied bowtie is always going to look a little wonky though, that’s part of its charm.)

PS. Any bowtie can be ordered as a pre-tied bowtie.* Either add a note with your order or send us an email. 

Pre-tied bowties in paddle and arrow shapes are made to order and may take additional processing time.

*Exceptions are for out-of-stock fabrics.

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